An introduction

Hi there, I’m Roxie. Welcome to Salt, Flour, Butter, where I’ll share recipes, stories, successes and failures as I aim to cook more food from scratch and take on projects like bread that I have experimented with before but not fully dedicated myself to. I’m not trying to cut all processed or packaged food out completely, but do plan to make the vast majority of my meals with elements that I’ve made from scratch. Projects like bread, bagels, pasta, ricotta, and pie will be showcased here, along with the finished meals I make with my homemade building-blocks.

This is definitely not a diet blog, however I believe that by making things myself I will eat more healthily: Since I’ll be making all my bread myself, I will both savor what I do make more and cut down on eating bread for the purpose of just filling up. I’ll also likely eat less sugar, since many sauces, pastas, and more include added sugar. I already eat a lot of vegetables but I’m excited to try new dressings and sauces to go with them. Don’t worry, I still plan to make some kick-ass lasagnas, meat dishes, and cookies to balance it all out.

Why am I embarking on this time-consuming goal? Maybe it’s because I had a rough 2016 and wanted some sort of New Year goal that wasn’t so strict or un-fun I’d abandon it in 3 weeks. Maybe it’s because in 2017 I’m finding myself searching for distractions that aren’t checking social media or the news, and cooking calms me down after a long day at work. Or maybe it’s because I love food, have wanted to try my hand at more homemade projects for some time and thought this would be a good motivator.

I’m not sure yet exactly how far I’ll take this – will I find myself spending weekends trying to perfect something, or wandering the aisles of the grocery store trying to find fresh goat milk? Only time will tell. Whether you also want to  step out of your cooking-comfort zone or just want to read along, I hope you’ll join me for the adventure!

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