About me

Hi there, I’m Roxie. Don’t worry, if you spell it Roxy I won’t get mad. I’m a semi-recent transplant to Colorado after spending most of my life either in New York, Washington, DC, or a smallish village near a bigger town in Devon, England. Observations on Colorado: it’s sunny all the time, and people smile at you on the streets! Still not sure how to react to that one. Also there are beautiful mountains and walks and nature and beer and generally tasty food.

I love eating but more importantly I love food. I love the process of taking simple ingredients and transforming them into something delicious. I love how salt makes everything taste better. I even love making ingredient lists and going to the grocery store (except when I can’t find something because the aisles are poorly labelled and I have to ask someone and then ugh get me out of there).

This blog is documenting my journey as I attempt to make more wholesome, homemade foods. There will be hits, misses, pies, pastas, and much more. I’ll only post truly stellar successes that I believe should be in your life even if they involve a 2-day rise. Read along or join me in cooking, either way thanks for visiting!